Muratli Dam and Hepp

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Project Details

  • Name of Project
    Muratli Dam and Hepp
  • Place of Project
  • Contractor Company
    Strabag A.G
  • Commencement and Completion Date
    1999 – 2005

Project Features

This dam is located in Muratli village, Borcka, Artvin at a distance of 100 meters to the Georgian border; its construction was started on 01 September 1999 and finished on 02 June 2005. This project is designed both for protection against flood and for generation of energy. The rock body fill dam has an elevation of 46 m from the foundation, and a body volume of 1.981.000 m³, with its front side covered with asphalt. Cement was supplied by Cayeli Filling and Packaging Facilities. Approximately 140.000 tons of cement were provided by our plant for the mentioned project. The annual energy production of the dam is 444,12 Gwh.